Is Venapro Right For You?


Having hemorrhoids can be a very irritating and frustrating problem. The itching, bleeding and discomfort can really get you down. Many suffer in silence because they are just too embarrassed to seek help. You may have heard of Venapro and even read other Venapro Reviews, but your just not sure. Well let’s try to make things clear. Venapro has worked for many hemorrhoid sufferers. The company claims it provides local relief for symptoms while also improving the health of your colon. Which means you will be less likely to develop hemorrhoids in the future.

OK.. So What Is Venapro And What Is A Colon?

Just to make thing clear here, your colon is the last part of your digestive system and is sometimes called the large intestine. The colon removes water, salt and some other things from the food you have eaten, turning it into waste. The longer it takes for this waste material to pass through your system, the more likely you are to have problems like hemorrhoids.

Venapro is billed as a colon health supplement. It’s an all-natural homeopathic formula containing powerful herbal ingredients specific to the treatment of hemorrhoids. It claims to offer fast relief and a long-term solution to the problem. It has no synthetic ingredients that may harm and it has no know side effects.

Why Is Venapro Different To Other Hemorrhoid Treatments?

Unlike other treatments, using Venapro is a two-step process. The first step is an oral spray administered twice a day. The liquid dose is sprayed under the tongue where it is very quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. It is designed to target and relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids fast. Other treatments rely on slower acting pills, which must be broken down first and then absorbed into the bloodstream.

The second step is what the company describes as a colon health supplement. Hemorrhoids are often a sign of digestive problems aka poor colon health. Relieving the symptoms may only be a short-term solution. You also need to improve your inner health to ultimately be hemorrhoid free and that is what this Venapro supplement is supposed to do. The carefully balanced mix of ingredients are designed to regulate your bowel movements, improve circulation and to strengthen vein and capillary walls. While also raising energy levels and helping to get your digestive system back in balance.

What Are The Ingredients In Venapro?

venapro-ingredientsThe major ingredients are-:
- Horse Chestnut
- Witch Hazel
- Stone Root
- Butchers Broom
- Bilberry
- Cascara Sagrada
- Krameria Mapato
- St. Mary’s Thistle
- Arnica


Each individual ingredient in this preparation is widely recognized for its therapeutic benefits in treating hemorrhoids. They are proven to reduce inflammation, treat damaged tissue, help with bowl movements and help promote blood flow to the rectum. Actually there really is nothing new or magic in Venapro. People have been using these same herbs and extracts for 100’s of years to do the very same thing. Why? Maybe it’s because they work.

While some of these ingredients can be found in other hemorrhoid remedies, two that are specific to Venapro are Cascara Sagrada and Krameria Mapato. Cascara is a mild but extremely effective laxative and colon cleanser that promotes contractions within the intestinal canal helping the body to operate normally and naturally. Krameria on the other hand is known to reduce intestinal swelling and to relieve those burning pains before and after bowl movements. For a more detailed look at the Venparo Ingredients and why they are all recognized as powerful hemorrhoid remedies take a look here.

What Do Real People Say About Venapro?

venapro-reviewVenapro has been called the “hemorrhoid killer”. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something that strong working for you? Venapro has a ton of positive customer reviews on third-party sites. This is no fly-by-night company offering a snake oil product either. The company is a member of the Natural Products Association, and Venapro is a best seller in this market. All you need to do is comb through the massive amount of customer testimonials to see for yourself that people are finding real relief with Venapro. Here are some testimonies from real people that have had their hemorrhoid problems solved.

L Plank (Missouri)
“This is the best supplement I have tried regarding colon health. I don’t know how it works since it is all herbs but it does!“

“I cannot even explain to you the excruciating pain I was going through because of my hemorrhoids. For about a month I was using Preperation H three and four times a day to try and stop the itching and every time I laid down I was in pain. I think it was 2-3 days after taking the pills along with the spray that the itching and pain started to stop and after a week I didn’t have any discomfort at all. The hemorrhoids aren’t gone but I realize I’m going to have to add more fiber to my diet for that but the pain is completely gone. Really didn’t think this product would work but it did.”

Note: These people are all verified Amazon buyers. Real people, and obviously satisfied customers.

Other Things You Should Know

venaproVenapro is not a silver bullet. Do not expect to be hemorrhoid free overnight. The fast acting spray should ease the symptoms quickly, but depending on the severity of your hemorrhoids total elimination may take some months. Because hemorrhoids are a sign of trouble inside, making small changes to your diet and lifestyle will also help a lot. Drinking more water eating more fiber and getting a little exercise will all help speed up the process of inner healing. Because Venapro works from the inside it has been proven effective for both internal and external hemorrhoids. Only the Venapro hemorrhoid treatment offers a long term solution. By using the colon health supplement your digestive system is helped to get back in shape, naturally. Venapro is made in the USA, unlike some other preparations, so you can be assured it is made from quality ingredients and meets rigorous local health standards. Although Venapro is 100% safe it is not recommended for pregnant women, for those breastfeeding, or for anyone taking anticoagulant drugs, salicylates and subsalicylates.

So Will Venapro Work For You?

Venapro has helped many people when nothing else could. Helped ease the itching, irritation and discomfort, while improving inner health and providing a long term solution. It may not work for everyone though, because no treatment ever does. However a recent study conducted on 100 hemorrhoid suffers showed a success rate of over 97% . The company also backs up these numbers with a 90 day money back guarantee. You needn’t suffer with hemorrhoids. Venapro is a proven and effective treatment. The choice to buy Venapro, or not, is up to you.

If you are considering buying Venapro we suggest you do so from the company website. You can take advantage of special offers and be assured you are buying the genuine article.

Click here to try Venapro from the safe official website and finally become hemorrhoid free.


Tips On How To Keep Your Colon Healthy

foods-for-colon-healthA healthy colon is imperative to your general health and well being. Keeping your colon healthy involves making positive lifestyle choices. This will allow you to not only enjoy better physical health but greater confidence as well (definitely a win-win situation!). Perhaps the greatest benefits linked to colon health include the lowered chances of contracting colon cancer as well as other irritating ailments such as constipation, hemorrhoids, excessive gassiness and bloating. See our below tips for keeping your colon squeaky clean, healthy and happy. [click to continue…]

Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

hemorrhoids-during-pregnancyAll You Need To Know About Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be difficult enough without having to deal with additional health complications and unwanted conditions! Hemorrhoids are one of those common annoyances that rear their frustrating little heads particularly during the third trimester and immediately after giving birth. Not only are they irritating but also embarrassing. No one wants anything going wrong “down there”! But, there is good news. Treatment and avoidance of hemorrhoids is relatively simple and can be done with correct effort and care at home. However, in more serious situations it is recommended that you see your doctor. Luckily hemorrhoids usually disappear soon after giving birth to your bundle of joy!

Why Are Pregnant Women More Susceptible To Hemorrhoids?

constipationWith your uterus growing and enlarging in size, there is a greater amount of stress and pressure put on the major vein receiving blood from the lower body as well as the pelvic veins. With all this added pressure on your vein systems there is a slower circulation of blood from the lower body making the veins below your uterus further dilated and possibly even swollen. Unfortunately hemorrhoids love this type of condition in your body and this is when they are likely to develop. As if that wasn’t enough, constipation is also another “extra bonus” that normally comes with pregnancy. Constipation not only aggravates current hemorrhoids but can actually also be the sole cause of them too. This is because excessive straining to pass a hard stool is harmful to the rectal tissue. During pregnancy, the hormone progesterone is more apparent in the body. Progesterone acts to relax the veins in the body making them more susceptible to swelling. Not only this but progesterone slows down the intestinal tract which contributes to constipation. So it truly seems as though your body literally goes into hemorrhoid breeding mode during pregnancy!

How To Avoid Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Of course your aim is to avoid hemorrhoids like the plague! Try to put as little strain on the rectal veins as possible. This includes sitting for long periods of time and lying on your back. Get up and walk around if you do a job that involves sitting for most of the day and lie on your left side when sleeping, watching TV and generally relaxing. Do not sit at the toilet for too as this is also straining. Do your business and then get up! Fight off constipation by including as much fiber in your diet and remaining well hydrated. Fruit, veg and water should be your best friends! Exercise daily even if it is just a walk. Never hold it in when you feel a bowel movement on board. Daily Kegel exercises will increase circulation and strength of the anus which will reduce your chances of getting hemorrhoids, not to mention keep those pelvic floor muscles in tip top shape.

Treating Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

sitz-bathHemorrhoids can be well treated at home with warm and cold treatments. While applying an ice pack to your bum sounds a tad awkward it will reduce the swelling and pain. You may find it more comfortable to use a warm treatment such as soaking your bum in warm water for approximately 15 minutes a few times a day although it does sound equally as strange. Using a sitz bath is particularly useful for this and it can be found at all drugstores. Keep the area clean by wiping correctly after bowel movements. Always use soft, unscented and uncolored toilet paper for less irritation. You may even use wet wipes for extra cleanliness and comfort but be sure that they are unscented. You can purchase wipes medicated with which hazel which have specifically been made for those who suffer with hemorrhoids – see you’re not the only one!. There are also great hemorrhoid treatments on the market but be sure that they are suitable for pregnant women. Venapro is an excellent all natural option which is completely safe for absolutely anyone.

When Should You Consult Your Doctor?

Good news! Generally hemorrhoids clear up by themselves. They can even disappear in their own time without any treatment. However, if you have been treating your hemorrhoids at home for a week or more with no change, you should definitely see your doctor. Your doctor will probably give you some kind of cream or medication. If even after a week or two of using the medication there is still no change, you must go back to your doctor. If at any time you experience severe pain or bleeding you should definitely see your doctor! On the odd occasion, should your hemorrhoids remain stubbornly after various treatments, you will need to go back to your doctor again. There are extremely rare occasions where minor surgery is necessary, but so worth it!





What Causes Hemorrhoids?


Hemorrhoid is a nasty-sounding word, and it’s nasty to think about. No one likes to get hemorrhoids. If you do have them, though, there’s hope, because they’re often not that serious. You may want to know what causes them though. This article will go in-depth to explain what causes hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are often caused by added pressure on the pelvic and rectal area veins. As the pressure builds up, blood pools inside the veins, and it causes the veins to swell up. Gradually, the veins that are swollen will stretch out the surrounding tissue, and it will cause hemorrhoids to grow. [click to continue…]

Hemorrhoid Surgery


Don’t worry if you have hemorrhoids because most hemorrhoids don’t necessitate surgery. It’s usually only reserved for severe hemorrhoids. Surgery can be performed if alternative treatments have no effect, including home hemorrhoid remedies. Surgery is sometimes done when the symptoms get so troublesome that the lifestyle you have has a negative impact or when the hemorrhoids cause a medical problem, like bleeding that can’t be controlled or pus and blood that form around the anus concomitant with serious rectal pain. [click to continue…]

Hemorrhoid Symptoms


Hemorrhoids are no fun, and a little embarrassing, but it doesn’t mean they’re all that uncommon. About ten million people in the U.S. have hemorrhoids, and there are one million new cases of hemorrhoids each year. What are hemorrhoid symptoms? How do you know if you have them? Hemorrhoid symptoms can be frustrating, annoying, and a little worrisome, but hemorrhoids aren’t usually serious, even if the symptoms look really bad on the surface. Seeing blood, experiencing intense itching, and having pain while passing stool can be really nerve-wracking to someone who scares easily with any sort of health aberrations. However, most hemorrhoids are treatable and aren’t deemed a serious condition. Just talk to a doctor allay your fears and confirm this fact if you’re particularly frightened with your hemorrhoid symptoms. You can also try one of the many over the counter hemorrhoid treatments. Read our Venapro Review here for more information. [click to continue…]

What’s in Venapro?


It’s quite normal to have a healthy skepticism about things. We shouldn’t just accept what we read as the truth. This applies especially to the Internet where there really is very little monitoring of what is written. How do we really know what is fact and what is fiction? With this is mind I have put together a detailed look at the ingredients in Venapro. What are there medicinal uses and effects and are they safe to use. Perhaps after reading this you will be able to make a more informed decision about whether you should buy Venapro or not. [click to continue…]

Eating Right To Prevent Hemorrhoids

hemorrhoid-dietThe good news about hemorrhoids is that eating right can prevent them. Simple changes to your diet can go a long way in stopping these little buggers from ever forming. If you have a family history of hemorrhoids, or if you notice that you’re starting to strain when you’re trying to make a bowel movement, then you’re going to want to pay attention to this article and learn how to eat right to help cut down on the possibility of getting hemorrhoids later in life. Plus, these tips will also help you be healthier in general so it’s a win-win. Your anal canal wins, and you win. You won’t get troubled with embarrassed or frustrating hemorrhoids. You’ll also get healthier. Let’s explore tips for your diet that can help you prevent hemorrhoids. [click to continue…]